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Find out what it's like to work with me...

Familiarize yourself with my process and feel more confident putting your vision in my hands.

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My Creative Approach

Thank you for considering my artwork to represent your creative endeavor. Here's a look at how I work...


First, I'll sit down with you - literally or figuratively. Whether in person, over the phone, utilizing skype or email, we will discuss the vision for your project. I'll find out what your ideal concept is, if you have a predetermined budget, specific output needs etc.

Research and Concept Art

Next, I'll take our outline, gather visual references and create rough concept illustrations for your approval.

Concept art is a progression, often starting with simple pencil sketches representing multiple layout and subject possibilities. Typically, there is little detail, just an impression of the work to come. From there, we narrow down your options and venture into more colorful and detailed preliminary works.

Once you give the go ahead, we move past the preliminaries and the fun really begins.

Refining and Editing

During this part of the process, I will continue to bring the final artwork to fruition by editing content and adding detail. Your finished piece will emerge and be delivered, either as original artwork or properly formatted digital content, with the usage rights etc. we established according to our contract.

Finishing and Following Up

Once the final project is delivered, I'll check in to make certain everything is to your expectations - or hopefully above them. You'll be an extremely satisfied client whom I look forward to working with again in the future, and I'll be a well-fed artist with funds in the bank.

Don't hesitate to contact me here at BirkeloArt. I look forward to working with you.