BlazeJam 2012 and Waterbomber

Wildfire Game Jam Fundraiser
Waterbomber IPad and IPhone Game

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I created this tile map along with the game's designer and developer, Alex Brancard, for the Ipad and Iphone game, Waterbomber. We worked as part of the effort to raise donations through the 48 Hour Game Jam and Auction, BlazeJam.

All games created had a fire or firefighting theme, and every donor who pledges $5.00 or more receives a game pack as a thank you for supporting our efforts.

Every contribution goes to the Pike's Peak American Red Cross and Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado to benefit the victims of the Waldo Canyon Fire.

Donations can still be made using the PayPal widget on the top right of this page or by visiting the BlazeJam's CafePress shop, where all proceeds again are donated.

If you'd like to learn more about the Jam's fundraising tally or donate directly with them, head over to their webpage at
And if you're curious to see more of Waterbomber, check out