Vanda Orchid Ceramic Pendant

Handcrafted Unique Jewelry - Vanda Orchid Ceramic Pendant Front View

This ceramic pendant's soft purple petals were made by hand-pressing clay into a plaster mold and hand-carving the finished details into the final piece.

I created the original orchid by carving the shape directly into clay, then poured the plaster mold myself.

No two pieces from this mold are exactly alike, because the details of each one must be finished by hand.

The final pendant is bound with a flexible, decorative green wire.

The molded wire chain has a simple hand-formed hook and eye closure that pinches shut for extra security.

The entire necklace weighs 1.4 oz. and sits quite lightly around the neck.

Let this funky, unique necklace speak to your unique personal style. Enjoy wearing your accessories as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Your necklace will come carefully packaged in recycled, biodegradable, and reclaimed shipping materials. It will also be lovingly wrapped in a special Bon-Bon envelope (templates courtesy of Mirkwood Designs), with my heart-felt thanks for supporting my work.

A side-note on creation: each of my ceramic pieces is fired in my hand-built, portable, propane-fired kiln, which I buy carbon offsets for every time I fire a new batch of ceramic art work.


Pendant is 2 1/2in long and 3in wide by 1/4in deep, strung on a 17in wire chain.


6.35cm long and 7.62cm wide by 0.635cm deep, strung on a 43.18cm wire chain.

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