Metallic Green Globe Ceramic Pendant

Handcrafted Unique Jewelry - Green Globe Ceramic Pendant Front View

This ceramic pendant's olive green, metallic coils were made by extruding the clay through a circular die. Its metallic sheen was achieved through a second glaze firing.

I patterned the coils into their 3-dimensional swirls by hand and bound the finished pendant with a flexible, decorative, yellow-green wire.

The molded wire chain has a simple hand-formed hook and eye closure that pinches shut for extra security.

The entire necklace weighs a whopping 0.4 oz. and sits very lightly around the neck.

This elegant swirl of a necklace speaks to your unique personal style. Enjoy wearing your accessories as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Your necklace will come carefully packaged in recycled, biodegradable, and reclaimed shipping materials. It will also be lovingly wrapped in a special Bon-Bon envelope (templates courtesy of Mirkwood Designs), with my heart-felt thanks for supporting my work.

A side-note on creation: each of my ceramic pieces is fired in my hand-built, portable, propane-fired kiln, which I buy carbon offsets for every time I fire a new batch of ceramic art work.


Pendant is 1 1/4in long and 1 1/2in wide by 1in deep, strung on a 14in wire chain.


3.175cm long and 3.81cm wide by 2.54cm deep, strung on a 35.56cm wire chain.

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