My work is not literally a representation of me, but everything I create reflects some aspect of who I am.

I am a quiet but unrepentant feminist, a woman who values independence and individuality.

When I create, I imbue my artwork with this understated but persistent quality.

I endeavor to portray the beauty I see without relegating my mostly female subjects to nothing more than object.

I recognize feeling, emotion, expression…

a humor or quirkiness that lives in my creations and lends my characters depth of purpose.

For me, it’s a worthy and satisfying challenge to render the often fantastical vignettes that comprise my personal work.

I find exhilaration in combining tactile elements and flowing, organic shapes with the female figure while utilizing

a newly intriguing mixture of traditional and digital media.

It's wholly gratifying to begin with a blank canvas and land on the other side of creativity with a vision that's been

flipped inside out so that I may share it with all those not living inside my head with me .

(i.e. all of you)