Do you find yourself off-balance and disconnected from your truth?
Have you momentarily lost touch with your deeper purpose?

It's time to reach out and reconnect with your higher self.

Relight the fires that put you on this challenging yet rewarding path of consciousness.

Grab onto a solid reminder of that space within you of grounded focus and connection
and help return yourself to a place of quiet presence and certainty in your personal journey.

Art Through The Chakras


There are so many of us out there doing the hard work, really taking up the challenge
of inner transformation and creating positive change for ourselves and the world.

You are kindred souls and, like me, sometimes lose your fire.

It's in these moments of forgetfulness, when we feel under-supported and life's
endless work sends us reeling, that we need reminders of our light
to reconnect and ground us in presence.

You had me at hello. Let me see more art.

As an artist on my own road of self-discovery, I began creating and surrounding myself with more and more
daily reminders, tokens of remembrance denoting the mental and emotional spaces I wanted to inhabit daily.

It is my deeper mission to share my journey of personal growth in the common language of art
so that you can share in my passion and rekindle your own inner flame.

That is why I create tangible touchstones, fantastical and whimsical works of art
that are designed to bring those of us traversing the deeper paths
of self-discovery back to an internal space of power and presence
when we get blown off course by the daily winds of life.

My work is meant to pull us back from darker places and remind us of our truth.

For even those of us who have been on the road of personal development for years
can become ungrounded by the vagaries of daily life, its stresses and distractions,
and can lose touch with our bigger vision of the world and our place in it.

It's possible we may not have internalized the practices we "know" intellectually, allowing them energetically
to become second nature, allowing us to live in the present, detach from our expectations
of external outcomes and continually put our better energies out into the world.

When we temporarily lose touch with ourselves and slip out of our power, we can slip
into old defensive patterns and need a little help pulling back from the abyss.

I want to be a helping presence, reaching out to you and giving that boost
of faith at the critical moments, helping you return to a higher vibration.

Laughing Ladies

I'm ready. Show me more.

I am offering more than just pretty pictures and silly baubles. Each piece
is imbued with the energy of its creator, someone who wants for you
the same experience she received while making the piece.

These are solid reminders that help bring our intellectual truth in line with our
energetic one by reminding us to FEEL and LIVE from what we already know.

This is where the magic happens, when we are able to surrender to our present, be at peace
with our now, reconnect with our enlightened self and continue to draw to us those
amazing life experiences that only accompany our higher vibrations.

I want you to feel reaffirmed and confident in your deepest truths.

I desire for you to feel refreshed and inspired to continue your tough inner journey.

My passion for personal development and assisting like-minded energies to thrive
in this world has become an integral part of my life, ever present. It's become
a quest of mine to continually bring myself back to center, to constantly
re-align and refresh my best self, and to help you achieve this also.

I want you to be able to touch a concrete reminder of your
positive choice to live from a higher consciousness.

These emotional touchstones are fashioned for you, for us, to bring back the power
of what we already know, so that we can FEEL and LIVE from that higher truth.

May we continue this adventure together!