I go through my day, out in the world interacting with well-meaning but spiritually asleep people.
Without realizing, I lose myself to a lower vibration. I run through the hours,
and it's often not until I return home that I take note.

I wish I had a little voice of consciousness on my shoulder during those times who patiently
whispered to me to remember my bigger vision, to stay in touch with my higher self.

As I learn to internalize these habits of being, I see the importance of
having solid touchstones that I can return to throughout the day,
helping me create invaluable moments of presence.

I want my every day objects to be imbued with the energies of a higher vibration and beautiful to boot.

I want to look at them and smile as I ground again in the strength of my purpose and personal journey.

Transformational Trinkets

Coming Soon!